Student Life

SCLA students experience a respectful, inclusive environment that fosters learning, personal growth, and friendship. 

Teachers instill values in students so that when they graduate, they will be:

  • Committed to a life of service
  • Motivated to use their God-given gifts
  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Life-long learners
  • Effective communicators
  • Compassionate citizens
  • Well-rounded individuals 

American and international students interact in the halls of SCLA.
SCLA applied technologies practices woodworking.
SCLA students work in the video recording arts studio on green screen.
SCLA smiling diverse female high school friends with arms around shoulders.
Male and female student interact  at lockers.
SCLA science rooms are equipped with modern tools and highly qualified staff.
International students works on laptop with American flag keyboard.
SCLA high school student, pencil in hand, concentrates on her work.
Religion instructor Paul Weihing teaches the truths of the Bible.
Students in Classroom Females using Electronics for Class
Foods class students mug for the camera.
Students in Classroom Colorful Background
SCLA smiling diverse female high school friends with arms around shoulders.
Visual arts instructor Lucas Boehm teaches drawing.
High school students walking down hallway past lockers.
USA and Brazil Students Holding Flags
SCLA middle school science classroom.
SCLA middle school female student speaks at concert.
SCLA middle school principal Nate Kallies works student-level with students.
Brazilian Group at 2019 International Festival
SCLA pep band students from around the world.
SCLA visual recording arts instructor Chris Maki teachers students to use a drone.
Brazilian Group Serving Food at 2019 International Festival
Middle school instructor Sarah Kuschel works with a student at his level.
SCLA international and American mentors mug for camera.
Playful female middle school track students sitting on grass laughing.
Large group of excited middle school students in gym.
Diverse middle school females are friends.
Smiling international middle school student.
SCLA middle student in class with Chromebook.
SCLA students enjoy well-rounded, healthy meals.
Female dorm roommates laugh together.
SCLA dorm students enjoy the activity center playing ping pong and other games.
SCLA female international and American dorm students mug for camera.
St. Croix Lutheran Academy students attend a Twins baseball outing as part of dorm programming.
SCLA middle school students
SCLA students study robotics and technology.
SCLA middle school student on ropes course.
SCLA middle school student rock climbing.
SCLA middle school students learn from college mentors.
SCLA middle school students learn from the outdoors.
SCLA middle school students learn from the outdoors.
SCLA middle school students learn from the outdoors.
SCLA middle school students canoeing.
SCLA middle school students on a ropes course.
SCLA middle school students attend an orchestra concert.
SCLA middle schools students volunteer in the community.
SCLA advisors led their advisee groups on tours of the school.
Chapel is divided into two groups that alternate days. Half of students attend in chapel, the other half view online during a
Hallways are designated as one-way, and student locker visits alternate by odd/even numbered lockers.
Students are well spaced in classrooms.
Safety protocols include plexiglass protection for high-contact areas like study hall, the front office, and admissions.
All students and staff are required to wear face coverings during class. Outdoor classrooms are available to allow mask break
Students are well spaced in classrooms.
Students are well spaced in classrooms.
The updated art room has doubled in size and features new flooring, running water, and lighting.
Space is not an issue in study hall.
The serving area was redesigned to allow for a no-touch service. All food is placed on trays by SCLA food service workers.
A third lunch period was added, banquet tables were acquired, and spacing guides were installed to prevent overcrowding at lu
No-touch SCLA food service is provided.
Students are seated 6 feet apart at lunch.
No-touch thermal thermometers, hand sanitizing stations, and safety protocols are installed throughout the school.
Paper towels and safe sanitizing agents are used in every classroom after every set.
Reminders for physical distancing are placed throughout the school.

International Contacts

Hannah Schmiege

Director, International Admissions & Programs

Kristin Lehmann

Chinese Student Admissions Counselor, Instructor


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