SCLA band bass.
SCLA jazz band.
SCLA band drums.
SCLA middle school band.
SCLA band  trumpet.
SCLA choir concert.
SCLA Chorale in concert.
SCLA choir male solo.
SCLA choir Croixaliers in concert.
SCLA choir female solo.
SCLA drama children's theatre.
SCLA children's theatre Snow White witch
SCLA drama Drowsy Chaperone
SCLA drama behind the scenes sound and lights.
SCLA middle school drama Oklahoma G2K
Visual arts student working with clay
SCLA digital art student at computer.
SCLA digital video recording arts female student with drone.
SCLA middle school art student works on painting.
Stream Team student


Students interested in music, drama, or visual arts will find many opportunities for creative expression at SCLA. In addition to credit courses in the choral, instrumental, and visual arts, students may choose to participate in co-curricular activities:

  • Chapel Band
  • Croixaliers
  • Children’s Theatre
  • Spring Musical
  • Jazz Band
  • Ensembles
  • Stream Team
  • Speech Team

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